A Challenge to Myself (A Suggestion to You)

6 03 2010

Recently I ran across an article on Lifehacker about online journaling (http://lifehacker.com/5482921/750-words-clears-your-mind-gets-ideas-flowing) about a webapp at http://750words.com that challenges you to write 750 words a day created by http://busterbenson.com.  You get a point for writing SOMETHING, ANYTHING and you get additional points if you meet the 750 word goal for the day.  What I find the most intriguing are the statistics once you have completed writing.  It feels more like interactive journaling than just a brain dump or a venting of your spleen.  You get feedback about how long you typed, how fast you typed, which words you used most frequently, analysis on your frame of mine, and more. I think it is this kind of feedback that would keep me engaged enough to keep at it and I’m a saner, happier person if I can unload the thoughts that fill my head.

So far I have spent two days and have met the challenge both days.  I still have a lot to unload before I think I’d have to struggle to come up with something to write, but from what I understand once you reach that point it is even more revealing about the thoughts that rattle around in your head trying to make it onto the page.

If you are looking for motivation to write more or are on a journey of self discovery, I suggest you check it out for yourself.  I arrived a couple days too late to participate in March’s challenge, but think that I will make it an unofficial challenge to myself to continue to complete a 750 word entry every day in March and then take on the official challenge in April.

I also suggest checking out Buster’s website as there are more great stats, some wonderful inspiration, and some excellent life rules.  He’s also on Twitter and Facebook and seems to have an endless supply of ideas.  I’m looking forward to where this takes me as I work through the hardest year of my life and continue to move forward.

For now though, my 750 words have been entered there, I’ve posted yet another blog here, and now I’m going to hit the hay so that I will be best prepared to face whatever challenges tomorrow brings as I face the first anniversary of two life changing events: the birth of a dear friend’s much beloved son and the death of my much beloved Grandfather.




2 responses

6 03 2010

Thanks for the insight!

6 03 2010

You’re welcome, I hope it was helpful to you.

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