Spring Forward, Fall Flat on Your Face.

15 03 2010

I’m very fond of Spring. Spring and Fall are my two favorite seasons, followed by Winter, with Summer bringing up the rear.  I enjoy the mild weather, the longer days, and the chance to extend the length of our walks.

I do not care for the time change. Losing an hour of sleep knocks me flat.  It seems like ever since they moved the start of daylight savings time around, the change has hit me even harder.   Like being hit by a Mack truck.  Can’t go to bed when I should because it seems so early, but then I can’t wake up in the morning because HULLO it still feels like 4:30 am even if clock doesn’t agree.

I don’t understand why they do it on Saturday nights either.  If change was scheduled for Friday night, I might have a chance to acclimate before Monday comes along and smacks me in the face.

I’m sure I’ll eventually catch up, but in the meantime it will be extra coffee so that my ADHD medications aren’t doing all they can just to keep me awake while doing nothing for my ADHD ~it  turns out that is a BAD combination.

Now, I’ll be heading to bed since I should have been there an hour ago to make up for the sleep deficit I’ve already got going.  No point in adding to it further.

If only there was a way to get to sleep until you woke up on your own everyday, I’d be set, since I generally would wake at 7 AM if left to my own devices. Only problem is you can’t be at work at 8 AM if you don’t wake up until 7. So I guess I’ll keep playing ‘slap the snooze’ until I readjust to the change…AGAIN.




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