Be Careful What You Say About Geese, eh? They Can READ!

30 03 2010

I am trying NOT to become paranoid by the thought, but it has to be more than just mere coincidence. Shortly after my post about the geese that nest annually in our parking lot and how Canada could have them back, eh? They are gone…POOF…just like that {snaps fingers}.

They picked one heck of a time to choose new digs, too. After all the soccer moms with their mini vans and their screaming children are no longer invading our office park because the establishment they frequent has relocated. The geese would have had a nice quiet little nesting spot, disturbed only now and again by a Welsh Wee Beastie and his Red-Headed House Staff.

Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT complaining. Not having to bob and weave my way in and out of the office while wrangling a goose-crazed Welsh and a Welsh-crazed goose and juggling my belongings is DEFINITELY
a bonus.

Oddly enough though, I do kind of miss the little gangsta geese. If only because seeing the little goslings waddle off is just so darn cute!

I also hope they weren’t offended by my attempt at humor. Those buggers have a LONG memory and I don’t need them holding a grudge against me! I can see it now…me walking unwittingly out of coffee shop somewhere only to have two rabid geese launch on me sending my latte flying while they laugh in that particular goose-like way of theirs.

Oh, the HORROR!




2 responses

31 03 2010

Dude, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–geese are scary! Don’t give them any reason to come after you!

31 03 2010

Seriously, I know. I am STILL convinced they can read they’ve been honking outside office all morning. I’m not sure if they were appreciative of my post or not. Guess I will find out when I leave office for lunch!

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