Be careful what you wish for…

11 08 2010

The AC is out at the office and the repairman is not expected to get there before 2PM.

After taking Fergus home to wallow in air-conditioned canine comfort, I turned around and headed for my favorite coffee shop near my house. I’ve stopped in many times on my way to the office and lamented how I wished that I could work from a coffee shop at least a couple times a week. Well…

…be careful what you wish for…

I have only been here a little over an hour and already I am over it! Those great high back chairs have nothing on my plain jane office chair (it’s ergonomic, yo), the table space has nothing on my Mission style desk and L-configured computer desk (who knew I needed so much real estate?), and the close proximity to pastry items (I already knew of my penchant for pastries) are KILLING me.

The people watching is enjoyable, when I’m not being people-watched myself (someone is infatuated with the stickers on my laptop and I keep looking up to catch him staring at them…well, them or “the girls” and I hope it is the stickers!).

I revise my wish to wishing I could do this OCCASIONALLY when what I have to work on can be done comfortably from my netbook and does not require my full sized laptop and I will sit at a square table with a less fabulous (but probably more comfortable) “regular” chair.

Still, it IS a delightful change of pace (even if it is highly distracting!).




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