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24 08 2010

For this month’s science fiction selection for our sci-fi/fantasy book club, we are reading To Say Nothing of the Dog OR How We Found The Bishop’s Bird Stump At Last by Connie Willis.

Yes, I broke down and bought a Nook (and I love it), but my convoluted reasoning has totally justified the probably unnecessary purchase. I like to make notes in books when I’m reading (the library frowns on this practice, btw) so I was buying each book we discussed (that’s over 3 years of books). Now I never thought I’d find books that I didn’t like, but *gasp* they are out there and my club has a penchant for selecting them (think dark apocalyptic science fiction and I’ve probably faked my way through a discussion of it). Over time that adds up to quite a collection of books I never want to see again (a box full-holler if you are interested in any otherwise I’ll be donating to the library in our club’s name).

Since this struck me as wasteful (I love a good book, but why kill a tree for Lord Foul’s Bane?), I started getting eBook versions of book club books if they were available. One thing led to another and Friday found me at the local Barnes & Noble laying out for a Nook. Monday found me getting it a screensaver (it has a touchscreen and a groovy no-glare reading screen) and a protective sleeve (gotta protect my investment and points for style). The ease in reading or even browsing for books is amazingly addictive.

I’m sure I’ll gush more about the Nook later, but back to the book IN the Nook!

I don’t think I would have found this book on my own, but I’m glad the club picked it. I’m 55 pages in so far, have only an inkling of a clue as to where this ride is take me, and I’m loving every page of it.

I’ll update later when I’m further along, but right now I want to READ before work calls me back.




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