750: Write a Backstory for My Tweet on Tub Contents.

25 08 2010

The quandary: Rick noticed that the rarely used tub in the master bathroom currently contained: a swimsuit, an umbrella, a plunger, a water pitcher, and a towel. He had no explanation.

The solution: As the father of two young girls, you would have thought that by now he would have figured what had obviously taken place in that indoor water playground he considered a master bathroom.  Surely as a little boy, he too had participated in water play, no?

Obviously one of the younger members of the household had wanted to play outside during one of our recent rain storms and was denied.  Instructed instead to find something indoors with which to occupy her time and energy.  I’m sure the older, less inventive or creative members of her family thought that she would settle somewhere in a comfortable corner chair and curl up with a good book, maybe watch a movie, play a video game, or work on a puzzle.  All things grown ups dream of doing if provided a rainy afternoon where they have nowhere to be and nothing to do.  M, however, was not going to be deterred from her desire to do a little singing in the rain.

Since her raincoat was still in her locker back at school where she had forgotten it at the end of last week in her rush to head home for the holiday weekend, M donned her swimsuit, grabbed an umbrella from the stand by the front door, snatched a pitcher from the kitchen where her parents were preoccupied discussing the plans for that evenings dinner, and headed for the ‘water park’.  M had thought for some time that the little used bathtub in the water park more often referred to as her parents’ master bathroom would be a wonderful way to spend the day splashing about.  Today was the day that she was going to put that theory to the test.

In addition to the umbrella and pitcher she had brought along a couple of her favorite little animal friends.  They were colorful little plastic critters that looked just like a little terrier dog, a larger than average black cat, and two horses.  She had named the little Terrier, Fergus, after a dog in a book  she loved when she was smaller.  The cat she named Ivan the Great and Terrible.  Great because of his size and terrible because she thought he was terribly cute. She liked to picture him smacking the little terrier in the face with his paw whenever the devil took the terrier and he would get to bouncy.  The horses, Bonnie and April, were mother and daughter.  She liked the word Bonnie because of the song ‘My Bonnie lies over the Ocean’ and April was a cinch because it was her favorite month and this horse was her favorite.  April was a beautiful chestnut color and had a nearly perfect white star in the middle of her forehead.

With all of her toys assembled, she turned the water on in the tub and hopped inside.  She left the drain open so that the tub would not fill since it was her desire to mimic the rain outside, not a pool.  She lined Fergus, Ivan, Bonnie, and April on the side of the tub so they could participate in the festivities.  M opened the umbrella, filled the pitcher with water, and began to pour water over the top of her umbrella while she sang.  She loved to sing, it never really mattered what, she just loved to sing and singing in the rain was THE BEST.  Apparently singing in the tub while pretending it was raining was almost as fun, but not quite.  She thought it was because the water came down more in a stream than in the droplets that a real rain shower would produce.  She decided that if she tossed the water in the pitcher into the air, then as it fell back down it would feel more like rain.

With the first toss of the water she knew she had made a mistake in judgment.  Rather than going straight up and coming straight back down, the water bounced off the side of the tub wall and sluiced along the edge of the tub.  Fergus was caught in a tidal wave of water, was swept off the side of the tub, and headed toward the drain in a torrent of water. M squealed, turned off the water, hopped from the tub, grabbed the plunger from under the sink, and rushed to rescue her beloved friend from drowning.  She made it just in time to keep him from circling into the drain.  As she breathed a heavy sigh of relief after saving her friend, her father called from downstairs to let her know that it was almost dinner time.  She hurriedly dried off, changed, grabbed her little friends, and headed for the door.  Leaving behind a…

wet bathing suit…

an umbrella…

a water pitcher…

a plunger, and…

a towel.




2 responses

25 08 2010

M was very excited about being the main character in a story. I had her read it to the family at dinner and we all enjoyed it very much. Thanks for sharing.

25 08 2010

Thank YOU for providing all of the great starters! I’m glad that M was pleased and hope I did her justice. She got to star with some very special animals from my life.

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