From 140 Characters to 750 Words

25 08 2010

Back in March I found out about a cool new journal writing website called and immediately took to the challenge.  I started writing an entry there each day and 100 days later I unlocked the Phoenix Badge earning me a post in the Hall of Phoenixes (I was also lucky enough to be the first post there!).

One of the reasons for my success is due to a connection I made on Twitter.  A Twitter friend (A Twiend?) had been watching my progress on the website (I figured commenting about my progress would provide adequate peer pressure to continue and boy was I ever right!) and began providing me with starter questions and ideas for my entries.  Some of them are funny, some are more serious, some make me think, some let me vent, some are based on happenings in my life, some are derived from events in his life, but all have motivated me in one way or another to write about more than just the boring day to day events.

They have been so successful at engaging my brain on that I began neglecting my newly minted blog until it occurred to me that they would make GREAT blog entries.  So I am going to start posting them here as well thanks to handy dandy export feature.  There are several starters I haven’t delved into yet either so I think this will be a great motivator to complete those too.

If you like the starters, then feel free to use them yourself (maybe post a link to your response in the comments).  If you have a starter idea, then share it here in the comments and I’ll add it to my list!  With the understanding that I’ll apply the same rules I was given at the start…I can write or not write a response as I choose.




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