Spread too thin…

12 04 2010

“The acquisition of one sort of ability often makes that of another unlikely, if not impossible…To take the gifts one does have to concentrate on one’s strength upon their development, to disallow distractions–none of these is an easy task.” ~ Joseph Epstein

At the moment, I think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew.

One work project is wrapping up and another officially got underway today.

I’ve been enjoying helping friends with their social media sites for their stores.

My attempt to get our HOA to represent the Homeowners has exploded into THREE projects rather than the one since it has been determined that I’m dealing with a hydra.  Add to that one crazy as hell neighbor and I could make a full time job of tackling this beast.

I *so* need to complete my taxes.

I need to find a charity willing to take the Jeep AFTER I get the back window repaired (and after I figure out how to get THAT done if the darn thing won’t move!) thanks to the vandals over the weekend.

I want to see my commitment to the April Challenge at 750words.com all the way through to the end.

I’m working on a perpetual calendar idea with mighty magnets which has led to an idea involving jewelry.

And more than anything I want to write about 7 – 10 blog posts I have running around my head.  If only I could clone myself or find more time in the day, but that in itself is a whole other blog post.

Bit by bit, step by step, day by day I will get to them all.  I need the balance they all bring.  I am working through many things in my life at this point and each of these is also helping with that processing through the grief.


A Mission Statement (of sorts)

4 03 2010

More than once recently someone has mentioned that they thought I should write a blog.  More than once recently I have thought that there were topics I had covered in 140 characters or less on Twitter that I would have liked to have expanded upon.  More than once someone has questioned whether my stories would translate to the written page since to say that my delivery style is ‘animated’ is a gross understatement!

To be honest, I don’t know if I can manage a blog.  Twitter has been a wonderful fit for my short attention span, but I’m willing to try.  I don’t know if I have enough topics I’d like to expand upon (or that would be funny, useful, or interesting enough) to warrant a blog, but I’m willing to try.  I *really* don’t know if my delivery translates well on the written page, but, again, I’m willing to try.

In the past, I haven’t considered myself to be either strongly opinionated or passionate about things, but more and more I find that there are things that interest me and that are important to me enough to put a voice to them.

I think that many of these things are humorous or at least have funny components, but some are horribly sad and others make me apoplectic. My goal is to focus on the positive, uplifting, and funny with a healthy dose of cynicism and sarcasm, but as I enter the first anniversaries of some of the worst times of my life I can’t promise that the grief won’t slip in here and there. However, I *do* promise to try to insert at least a little levity into the tougher topics.

I don’t even kid myself that anyone will actually read these entries (or that I’ll be brave enough to admit to my friends that I’m making the attempt to test their theories), but it will be interesting to see as I work to find my ‘voice’ here.  At the very least, I’ll have an opportunity to delve a little deeper into some of the things that catch my eye as I continue navigate my way through this life I’ve been living.

Yet another experiment

3 03 2010

This time from my BlackBerry to see if I can blog while oot and aboot!

Tap…Tap…Tap…Is this thing on?

3 03 2010

Dipping my toe in the water to see which of the two theories are true. Either my adventures are only interesting and funny when told in person (complete with dramatic gestures, boisterous personality, and circular rambling that only ADHD can bring to the experience) or if they are also able to translate through the written word.  I suppose time will tell, but that will be for another day since tonight I think I’m done in and am going to call it a night.