The Loudmouth Purplehead?

14 11 2010


PANCAN hairIt doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it? Not to worry, it is only a temporary situation and based on feedback not an all too obvious one either.

Overwhelming response is that I switch my hair up so much that color change wasn’t unexpected and yet I feel like there is flashing sign over my head screaming PURPLE…purple…PURPLE…

There is a method to my madness (as usual)…November is PANCAN’S Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month and their color is purple.

It isn’t often that I get to be a rebel AND bring attention to a great cause. Score!

I’ve lost too many people to this stupid disease, but the most painful was losing AMG at the too young age of 27.

** November was when she was diagnosed, so it seems fitting that PANCAN would choose that month.

** Purple was a favorite color of hers. I still find notes written in purple ink stashed around my office in her distinctive handwriting. Even ones scribbling out lab inventory needs make me smile.

I think she’d get a hoot over this small remembrance of her, after all not everyone would think to call me hot mama (let alone get away with it) like she did whenever I experimented with my hair.

Please don’t ignore mysterious abdominal pains that don’t go away.

Please keep pushing your doctor for an answer.

Please don’t think this stupid disease only attacks the elderly. AMG was 24 when she was diagnosed.

I miss you, Hot Mama.